Thursday, January 31, 2008


I've decided to stop posting. If, for some reason, you read this at all, I'm just posting this to say I'm starting a NEW blog soon (soon) and it will be awesomer. And updated more often, I promise.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Halfway There

October 29-February 14: 109 days

December 20-February 14: 55 days

As Maddie so excellently put it:

On February 14, some guy will come up to me and say, "Um, hi Maddie, do you know what day it is?" And I'll reply, "Yep! Pitchers and catchers report today!"

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Red Sox Random Picture Day

Guess what? Liza got Photoshop for Hanukkah! But she made these before, with Gimp, and anyway, she's gonna stop talking in third person now.

So, after the Sox won, I got the (crazy) idea that I would make a 1024x768 (wallpaper size) image for every single guy on the 25-man roster (plus Buchholz and Wake, 'cause) But then I got lazy and it got repetitive and Yahoo sports took down the photos of the baseball players. But here are five, in the order that I made them.

Also, for a bonus, here's a couple more Sox Photoshoppings.

Bobby "One Swing" Kielty*

Clay Buchholz Blue
Clay Buchholz Red**

Beckett Boot Camp?***


2007/8 Rookies*****

If anyone wants me to make them a custom wallpaper or anything else, just leave a comment or email me or something. Although I probably won't get to it until Friday or sometime over vacation--stupid essays!

*Only I would include the Sox, LotR, and Idina Menzel lyrics in the same piece, huh? Lyrics are "This is the moment/I stand here on my own/This is my right of passage/That somehow leads me home", from her new song Brave. Done in Gimp like a week into November.

**These were/are a commission from SoxxGirl. :)

***After TG from Center Field (arguably the best Red Sox blog out there, check 'er out!) said she just knew that Beckett was imagining those horns strapped to Clay's head and I had a free couple hours on a Friday, so ta-daa. Done in Gimp as well, and don't mind Beckett's foot and butt--I had to make those from scratch. >.> And Gimp doesn't have a very good clone tool.

****An I Can Has Cheezburger?-esque interpretation of the infamous fistpump.

*****I was going to make a blog called "Rookie Nation" and it was going to be about rookies, because they are just awesome as a species, except then I realized that every year's rookies change a lot (and there will never, ever be another Jacoby Ellsbury), and also that Blogger's custom layouts are really, really hard to code.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Post-Hanukkah Baseball Wishlist

In the spirit of a recent post from Ladies..., I've decided to post my own Top 10 Gifts Red Sox Wishlist! Seeing as how Hanukkah's already over, my chances of getting any of these before my birthday (early June, for the record) are approximately zero. Although, if anyone wants to get me a late present, that would be just fine with me! (Yes, they're all from the official MLB Sox store.)

1. Red Sox body pillow: $24. I honestly have wanted one of these obscenely huge body pillows for a long time. This one's 19x54 inches, which is like 13 inches shorter than me/Dustin Pedroia on a bad day. How awesome would that be? It's kind of like my own personal stuffed mini-Pedroia. I can just imagine he's short because he's closer to my age. ;D

2. Red Sox paper lanterns: $19 each. What sunlight? I've got a soxlight!

3. Red Sox fans parking sign: $40. It says, "RED SOX FANS PARKING: YANKEE FANS GO HOME." This would go right over my head, next to my poster of Tek screaming at A-Rod (right before he punches him--this one was courtesy of the Globe a couple years back).

4. Womens' Red Sox jersey: $60. Why do I STILL not have one of these?

5. Big B shirt: $30. It's men's. What do I care? It's awesome, and "cut smaller than most tees" so I guess it'd fit me okay.

6. Baseball seam big B bracelet: $12. I've wanted to have one of these for a while. I never wear bracelets in general, but this one, I would wear.

7. The awesomest t-shirt ever made, ever: $20. I. WANT NEED. THIS. NOW.

8. 2007 Facsimile Autographed Baseball: $8. I don't care if it's fake, it looks like it has all the guys' signatures on it. And it's $8, too.

9. 2007 Red Sox Monopoly: $35. I mean, really. Wasn't this specially made for me or something?

10. Autographed Celebratory World Champions Picture: $4,000. If I had a whole lot of extra money, I would definitely buy this one. No questions asked.

Oh, and a bonus gift: I'd love Jacoby Ellsbury for Hanukkah. ;D

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I still haven't been on. Ugh. I've mostly just been obsessing in my own little one-track mind about Jacoby and how awesome it would be if I met someone exactly like him but, uh, 10 years younger... anyway. Heh.

But here's a number for ya: 8. That is, the number of days in Hanukkah. And the eighth (final) night was tonight--I got a softball and a softball mitt. Actually, it looks exactly like a baseball mitt, so I'm not sure if there's even any difference. But they're for me to use when I start playing softball in the spring! I never wanted to try softball until about a month ago, when I decided I'd love to.

So I got a glove about an hour ago, and it's awesome. I've already started chewing on the leather, Clay-style.

I also got a softball. It really is a lot bigger than a baseball, and also a lot yellower. It has raised--red--seams, so I really want to try and throw it overhand a bit and try out a knuckleball. (Good luck to me, right? Heh.) I'd also like to learn to pitch softball, seeing as how my reflexes are terrible (so I'd be a bad infielder) and I don't like objects flying at me (hence why I quit soccer, and also why I'd be a bad infielder or catcher), so I'd just figured I'd be an outfielder... but I guess a pitcher would be cool, too! I also have a certain thing for outfielders and pitchers... as you may have noticed by the amount of Jacobys, Mannys, Mosses (not Randy, Brandon), Clays, Lesters, and Paps in my obsessions.

So yeah. I'm generally not into softball... but I'll do anything to have a link to baseball right now. I'm so pathetically un-baseball-supplemented that I've taken re-watching (again and again) videos of games throughout the season. The offseason isn't as great, since the only Sox news now is whether Lester or Jacoby will leave for Santana (out of the two, I'd prefer the Lester/Coco package, but I'm just biased), or if we'll even get Santana again. I'll worry myself to death if I spend too much time looking at that stuff.

So. Happy Hanukkah and merry pre-Christmas?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Well I haven't been around.

Instead, I've been constantly refreshing any authority on baseball news since the GM meetings ended.

Oh, and mourning the fact that Jacoby fired his old agent for that spawn of Satan who is/was, at the time of The Betrayal*, Johnny Damon's agent, as well as that of A-Rod (plus Dice-K and 'Tek, though): Scott Boras. He's up there with A-Snob and Barry Bonds as my top 3 least favorite baseball-related people.

Not much else to say, except to mention my Soxy Hanukkah presents: two books about baseball, as well as Baseball Mogul '08, which looks awesome. If this sort of present-ing goes on, I'll be equipped to last at least until January.

Also, a funny quote from Jacoby: "I am just trying to stay in shape and be ready for spring. I am actually taking yoga classes, to keep stress off my joints. It's great. You have these big strong guys and little old ladies all doing it--it's not just sitting on your butt, stretching. I am telling you, yoga is tough." My mom is really into yoga--she's been trying for a while to get me to start up, which I'm not really enthusiastic about, but it's a great description.

*With capital letters.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Not Sox, and Not Numbers?

Tyler Clippard, a pitching prospect with the Yankees the Nationals...

...looks like...